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Web conference “Smart Government: Drivers and Challenges in Using Analytics and Big Data”

For everyone with a special interest in Big Data strategies in the Public Domain: IDC Government Insights is organizing a free one-hour web conference on "Smart Government: Drivers and Challenges in Using Analytics and Big Data" with focus on the U.S. Government sector.

The web conference will take place on April, 23rd – 12:00-1:00 p.m. (U.S. Eastern time). IDC Government Insights Research Director for Smart Government Strategies, Adelaide O´Brien, will chair the event.

The U.S. government is positioned to build on current business intelligence/analytics solutions and expand use to Big Data by demonstrating that they can better serve mission-making decisions and take action based on timely, relevant, complete, and accurate information. This webcast focuses on the drivers, challenges, adoption, and government future plans for business intelligence/analytics and Big Data. This webcast is specifically geared toward the offices of chief information officer (CIO) and line-of-business directors in the government sector. Participants will be able to make comparisons with peers in the industry on trends, challenges, and benefits received from deploying these solutions. 

More information on the conference and the registration are available here.

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