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BIG @ BITKOM Healthcare Analytics Conference

90% of all existing data in the world was generated within the last 2 years.  Within the following years, one of the major topics within the IT industry will be the efficient use, analysis and exploitation of data especially within the healthcare sector which has many data sources, too. The BITKOM service community organizes events to address these issues. 

BIG member Sonja Zillner from Siemens attended the BITKOM healthcare analytics conference on September 19th, 2013 to join the discussion about data analytics, data security and privacy with respect to big data in the health care sector. During the conference it was demonstrated how established big data technologies can be applied within the healthcare sector. Leading companies such as IBM, Oracle, Charité, T-systems, Accenture and Unabhängiges Datenschutzzentrum Schleswig-Holstein were present to discuss these topics. Presentations and the discussion afterwards showed that a strong effort is needed for making health data  available. Sonja Zillner pointed out that first big data applications in the healthcare sector can be identified,however are mainly operating in structured data. Thus, until now  the potential of unstructured data in big data application in the healthcare sector is not fully exploited yet.

The BITKOM community will organize further events to discuss analytic tools and to address the challenges and changes that arise for clinics and health insurance companies when making use of healthcare analytics. Further events will follow soon. For information visit BITKOM’s website

To get further information about big data and the healthcare sector have a look at our deliverables  or join us on our website. You are welcome to visit our BIG LinkedIn group to join the discussion around big data and healthcare.


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