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Big Data Analysis Interview with Andraz Tori, Founder and CTO of Zemanta

Andraz Tori

In this interview Andraz mainly covers Hadoop framework, explains why it was successful and provides interesting remarks on why the US seems to do better than Europe in Big Data technologies at the moment.

The Flashmeeting is available from here: http://fm.ea-tel.eu/fm/fmm.php?pwd=8d9a4d-32917 (note: there is a difference between the volumes in the voices, however this can be adjusted simply by clicking on our names in the bottom panel)

Or check the MP3 Audio file from:  http://fm.ea-tel.eu/flashmedia/flashmeeting/fm32917_8d9a4d-32917/mp3/audio.mp3

Andraz Tori is a CTO and co-founder of Zemanta, a 5-years old company dealing with semantic analysis of text for the purpose of having a personal writing assistant and general purpose recommendations. In terms of Big Data Andraz characterizes Zemanta as a “small data” inside Big Data. The company operates in terabytes of compressed data, running CPU intensive operations. 


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