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Big Data Webinar: Data Analysis, 5th December, 16:00 CET

Recording of the session see here.
We are pleased to announce the 2nd installment of the Big Data Webinar series and invite you to actively participate and help shape Europe's Big Data Agenda.   
John Domingue will held the presentation and following QA.
Event page to participate is here.
Presentation is viewable here.
Data analysis 
Data analysis refers to the activity of exploring, cleaning, transforming and modelling data with the goal of highlighting the relevant data, synthesizing and extracting useful hidden information3. Some related areas like data mining, business intelligence or machine learning appear as techniques for this purpose; however we focus on large-scale data analysis for which different techniques are needed: distributed computing, massive parallel processing, stream data processing, sentiment analysis or exploratory analytics are some of them. Successful implementation of those solutions will have to be accompanied by effective policies for backup, recovery and security, being aware of potential network limitations, solving realtime aspects in distributed environments, enhancing solutions that provide not only processing but also storage and fostering interoperability as much as possible.

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