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BIG Partner AGT International and Crowd Control Management

The Urban Shield Safe City solution of AGT International, a partner in the BIG project, has been featured  on Big Data Startups as part of a crowd control management solution in the city of Enschede.

The system has been deployed during the Dutch radio station 3FM event, an annual benefit project that collects money for charity. According to Big Data Startups, over 6 days around 500,000 visitors came to the centre of Enschede. The objective was to support the police and other first responders with safety and security solutions during the event and to showcase the city’s leading and innovative approach towards meeting these requirements.

The image above shows the Urban Shield system that “provides a real-time situational awareness overview of a complete area within a city. This system is based on a Geographical Information System and uses GPS to show the real-time location of all first responders in an area. All police officers, fire department, city security and private security guards who are part of the system are shown on a map. Based upon a situation that is noticed via the cameras on the street or via Twitcident the closest first responder can be alerted and he or she can take immediate action” AGT Press Release.

Further information are available at: AGT International and Big Data Startups




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