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BIG Partner AGT International Forms Strategic Alliance with Cisco

AGT International, a global leader in city solutions, and Cisco, the worldwide leader in IT, have formed a “Smart City Global Strategic Alliance” that will deliver the promise of the Internet through edge analytics and cloud technologies that dramatically change the way cities are managed and safeguarded. In a joint press release, the companies explained how the two companies will work together: “Built around AGT's state-of-the-art urban management platform, the solution applies multiple sensing and analytical technologies such as video and acoustic analytics, social media engagement, license plate recognition, facial recognition, mobile crowd sourcing, mobile applications for city civil workers, smart waste and other sources. AGT's city fusion platform, powered by Cisco Unified Computing System™ technology, uses big data analysis to reduce false alerts while increasing incident detection rates. Sharing a common platform, infrastructure and management allows agencies to be more efficient and cost-effective, especially when coping with decreasing budgets. These benefits can all be achieved in a decentralized city administration model, where agencies' autonomy is maintained while sharing and reuse is maximized.

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