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BITKOM Big Data Summit 2013

BIG member Sonja Zillner attended the BITKOM Big Data Summit 2013 in Bonn Germany, June 24th.

Under the motto "Big Data - New Impulses for your Business", several presentations were organized encouraging more than 600 attendees to engage in the discussion on Business and Big Data and current trends in this field. Visitors were provided with information by technology users, providers and researchers about what business value the use of big data can bring to their business.

The Summit aimed to offer insight into various concepts, technologies and methods that help to improve the exploitation of increasing volumes of Data for businesses in order to foster quick decisions and enhance innovation and competitiveness of these businesses.

During dedicated panels the technical and organizational challenges as well as the legal aspects, especially the requirement of data security and privacy have been addressed.

According to Sonja, this conference once again showed that the success of big data initiatives is not primarily a technological problem. The current incidents about data privacy and security made clear that transparent data privacy and security frameworks are required. Otherwise, it is unlikely that the population will trust big data applications.


For further details on the Summit, please visit: http://www.bitkom-bigdata.de/


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