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Data Curation Insights: Interview with Helen Lippell, metadata manager at the Press Association

The fourth interview of the Data Curation Insights-series is now available on our website.

Edward Curry, BIG-member and member of the Digital Enterprise Research Institute at the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG), arranged an interview with Helen Lippell, metadata manager at the Press Association (PA)—one of the partner organizations of BIG project. As a metadata manager, her work includes introducing metadata descriptiors into their core content and thereby applying more semantic information to content in order to package it more flexibly. She is an industry professional and has been working in it for 15 years. She started working in media and financial publishing organizations including The Financial Times, BBC.

During the Interview, Helen not only talks about the changes to the industry due to the sheer increase in data volume but also explains, how data curation is being processed in her organization and how many different types of newsworthy data is curated as the PA is extremely diverse.

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