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Data Curation Insights - Interview with Paul Groth

The first interview of the Data Curation Insights-series  is now available on our website.
Edward Curry, BIG-member and member of the  Digital Enterprise Research Institute at the National University of Ireland, Galway, arranged an interview with Paul Groth, Associate Professor in the Web Media Group at the VU University Amsterdam, about big data and data curation.
The interview sheds light on topics revolving around the role of big data in the context of data curation. Pauls Groth reports on his research at the VU Amsterdam, about the type of data that is curated , the size of data sets, the processes and technologies that are used for data curation and the number of users that are involved in the curation processes.
He describes not only  his viewpoint on the influence big data will have in future data curation but also on the technical demand of curation and curation technologies in the big data context.. Within respect to big data and data curation Edward Curry also wanted to know Paul's oponion about about which technologies will cope with big data 
The full interview is available on our website:
Interested in data curation news? Follow  Edward Curry @EdwardACurry, Paul Groth @pgroth or our BIG-project @BIG_FP7 on Twitter.

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