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First of three Workshops on Building Europe's Roadmap for Big Data in the Public Sector in Madrid, Spain

BIG members organized a first successful workshop on "Building Europe'S roadmap for Big Data in the Public Sector" in Madrid, Spain on April 16th, 2013.

It is a vital part of the work in the Public Sector-group of big-project.eu to run workshops and interview public administrative experts in three European countries (Spain, UK and Slovakia) in order to generate different approaches and models around Big Data and Public Administration. These countries represent three different models and, in a nutshell, represent the whole European Public Administration.

This first workshop was held in Madrid and aimed at  Public Administration policy makers and senior IT – experts to explain BIG-project’s objectives. Stefano Bertolo, Project officer of BIG at the European Commission, introduced the main objectives of the BIG roadmap. Other BIG-project members gave an overview of the project and the state-of-the-art in Big Data Uses and Technologies in the public administration and Tomas Pariente Lobo presented Technological Trends in Big Data and Public Administration.

Further workshops will be run in the United Kingdom and Slovakia in the future. 


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