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Intelligent Data Analytics Roadmap of Austria

The Advisory Board “Conquering DataIdentifying the Data Challenges of the Future” roadmapping project takes place in Austria from 2013 to 2014. Board member Anna Fensel, a representative of the BIG project, reports:

The aim of the "Conquering Data" project is to conduct a roadmap study in the area of Intelligent Data Analytics. It is founded by the FFG, the Austrian Research Promotion Agency. The project adheres to the FFG funding scheme "IKT der Zukunft: Daten durchdringen", which means "I.C.T. (information and communications technology) of the future: penetrating data".

To produce the roadmap, the project has reached out to the relevant stakeholders in Austria, both online and by holding three face-to-face workshops with national research and technology experts from academia and industry. The perspective of the industry and business communities has also been collected using structured interviews with representatives of multinational companies active in Austria, SMEs and selected experts from the national umbrella organizations and special interest groups.

In October 2013 in Salzburg, at one of the project's workshops, Anna Fensel gave a talk "The Semantic Web Exists. What Next?", discussing the recent developments in the fields of Semantic Web, Linked Open Data and Big Data, particularly in relation to Austria and its specifics (e.g. large number of SMEs, tourism and marketing as important economy sectors, etc.).

The slides of Anna Fensel's talk can be found here: http://www.slideshare.net/annafensel/the-semantic-web-exists-what-next-40165845

The final version of the study of the project "Conquering Data in Austria" has been presented at European Data Forum in 2014 in Athens, and is downloadable from the project's website: http://www.conqueringdata.com.


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