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The Potential of Big Data Applications for the Healthcare Sector


At the industrial Big Data Conference Big Data Minds in Berlin, Prof. Sonja Zillner presented "The Potential of Big Data Applications for the Healthcare Sector". With the presentation of the BIG Data Public Private Forum discussed the challenges of BIG Data and the emerging Data Economy for the Healthcare Sector. In particular,  the results of the BIG user needs and requisites study for the Big Data applications in the Healthcare Sector were introduced. The study shows that Big Data technologies can be used to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery.  However, the realization of Big Data applications in the healthcare sector is challenging. In order to take advantage of the promising opportunities of Big Data technologies, a clear understanding of driver and constraints, user needs and requirements is needed.

The feedback of the audience was very good and several participants of the conference requested the access of the BIG Requirements Study.


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