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Workshop "Building Europe's Roadmap for Big Data in the Public Sector"

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BIG is organizing the second workshop on  “Building Europe’s roadmap for Big Data in the Public Sector” which will take  place  3rd July in Bratislava.
Big Data technologies are going to become increasingly relevant for Public Sector, and therefore collaboration of sector’s high  representatives to define this strategy is considered very important. By explaining their requirements and needs they can help the European ICT industry develop appropriate solutions, which can eventually benefit not only the public sector but European industry in general and citizens in particular. 
The contributions collected in the course of this workshop will be included in the resulting BIG project roadmap.
This event is one of the actions organised by the BIG European project whose mission is to assist the European Commission in the definition of its strategy for a European  data economy.
Due to room limitations, please confirm us your attendance to [email protected]



BITKOM Big Data Summit 2013

BIG member Sonja Zillner attended the BITKOM Big Data Summit 2013 in Bonn Germany, June 24th.

Under the motto "Big Data - New Impulses for your Business", several presentations were organized encouraging more than 600 attendees to engage in the discussion on Business and Big Data and current trends in this field. Visitors were provided with information by technology users, providers and researchers about what business value the use of big data can bring to their business.

The Summit aimed to offer insight into various concepts, technologies and methods that help to improve the exploitation of increasing volumes of Data for businesses in order to foster quick decisions and enhance innovation and competitiveness of these businesses.

During dedicated panels the technical and organizational challenges as well as the legal aspects, especially the requirement of data security and privacy have been addressed.

According to Sonja, this conference once again showed that the success of big data initiatives is not primarily a technological problem. The current incidents about data privacy and security made clear that transparent data privacy and security frameworks are required. Otherwise, it is unlikely that the population will trust big data applications.


For further details on the Summit, please visit: http://www.bitkom-bigdata.de/


Videos for the EDF 2013 event are published at VideoLectures

Check all the videos for the EDF 2013 event at VideoLectures!

The European Data Forum (EDF) 2013, co-organized by the BIG project, took place from April 9-10, 2013 in Dublin, Ireland. The EDF 2013 comprised of keynotes from global experts in the field, a series of submitted talks, as well as a trends, showcase and live networking sessions.


Successful workshop organized by BIG-member at the www2013

The WoLE 2013 - Web of Linked Entities - workshop was organized by BIG-member Pablo Mendes and co-located with the 22nd International World Wide Web conference in Rio de Janeiro on May 13th, 2013. 

The proposed workshop envisions a Web of Linked Entities (WoLE), which transparently connects the World Wide Web (WWW) and the Giant Global Graph (GGG) using methods from Information Retrieval (IR), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Database Systems (DB).

Among the issues that were discussed covered, among others, issues such as:

  •  Methods with a special focus on Big Data due to volume (extremely large), variety (extremely heterogeneous) or speed (streaming at a fast pace).
  • Use of NLP techniques to improve knowledge extraction, integration and discovery in the context of the Web of Data.
  • Knowledge extraction/retrieval from text and HTML documents (or other structured and semi-structured documents) on the Web

Further information are available at: http://wole2013.eurecom.fr/


Webinar on Big Data - May 28th, 2013

Webinar on Big Data  on May, 28th, 2013.

As part of Forrester's Complimentary Webinar Series, one webinar is dedicated to "Big data - Gold Rush or Illusion". The discussion during the session will tackle, among other issues, the possibilities and limits of big

data. A particluar focus will be on big data related business benefits and advantages for enterprises.

For further information on time, date and registration modalities, please visit:  Forrester's Website.


Article on BIG published on Siemens Innovation News

Siemens Innovation News published an article on BIG - BIg Data Public Private Forum.

The article provides a brief introduction of the  BIG project, its objectives, its partners and discusses the relevance of the Big Data-topic.

In the article, a particluar focus in placed on Siemens’ contributions to the project.

Apart from their' sponsorship and constructive participation at the European Data Forum 2013, the article clearly emphasizes the importance of work done by researchers at Siemens, especially for the the Health Care Sector. Moreover, it highlights that Siemens addresses Big Data technologies as vital  innovative technologies for the future.


The article is available in English and German.


Big Data Analysis Interview with Steve Harris Chief Technology Officer at Garlik, an Experian Company


Check new Big Data Analysis Interview with Steve Harris, Chief Technology Officer at Garlik, an Experian Company available in the following formats:

The company that Steve is associated with has as its main focus the prediction and detection of financial fraud through the use of their customised RDF store and SPARQL. They harvest several terabytes of raw data from chat-rooms and forums associated with hackers and generate around 1B RDF triples based on this. In terms of areas that need work Steve's suggestion was the optimisation of the the performance of these stores. We also discussed the need to make sure that the infrastructure was economically viable and that training of staff to use RDF/SPARQL was not a big issue.

Steve Harris is a lead design and development of a multi million user product in the financial services industry at Garlik, Experian Company. In the Semantic Web community, he is widely regarded as the architect of Garlik's open source, scalable RDF platform, 5store, and has served on the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) working groups that defined the SPARQL query [1].

First of three Workshops on Building Europe's Roadmap for Big Data in the Public Sector in Madrid, Spain

BIG members organized a first successful workshop on "Building Europe'S roadmap for Big Data in the Public Sector" in Madrid, Spain on April 16th, 2013.

It is a vital part of the work in the Public Sector-group of big-project.eu to run workshops and interview public administrative experts in three European countries (Spain, UK and Slovakia) in order to generate different approaches and models around Big Data and Public Administration. These countries represent three different models and, in a nutshell, represent the whole European Public Administration.

This first workshop was held in Madrid and aimed at  Public Administration policy makers and senior IT – experts to explain BIG-project’s objectives. Stefano Bertolo, Project officer of BIG at the European Commission, introduced the main objectives of the BIG roadmap. Other BIG-project members gave an overview of the project and the state-of-the-art in Big Data Uses and Technologies in the public administration and Tomas Pariente Lobo presented Technological Trends in Big Data and Public Administration.

Further workshops will be run in the United Kingdom and Slovakia in the future. 


BIG @ European Data Forum 2013


BIG Member John Domingue chaired a successful session at the EDF 2013 on the usage of Linked Data for data practitioners who aim to use Linked Data in their daily work. 

This session was a joint venture between the Euclid and PlanetData projects and discussed a data science curriculum for professionals.

John Domingue elaborated on the demand for learning materials for the wider community to ensure citizen engagement around the main issues associated with Big Data, for example privacy. His slides are available at: http://www.slideshare.net/EUCLIDproject/data-science-curriculum-v-32

Further members of the Euclid project presented an overview of their main principles underlying the teaching approach adopted at Euclid. Further information on EUCLID, a European project facilitating professional training for data practitioners, who aim to use Linked Data in their daily work are available on the website: http://euclid-project.eu/

Big Data Analysis Interview with Ricardo Baeza-Yates VP of Research for Europe and Latin America at Yahoo!

Ricardo Baeza-Yates

Check out new Big Data analysis interview with Ricardo Baeza-Yates, VP of Research for Europe and Latin America at Yahoo!



The main suggested themes to invest in by Ricardo are:

a) what he called Hadoop++ the ability to handle graphs with trillions of edges as MapReduce doesn't scale well for graphs; and b) stream data mining - the ability to handle streams of large volumes of data. Handling lots of data in a 'reasonable' amount of time is key for Ricardo - for example, being able to carry out offline computations within a week rather than a year.

Additional point of interest of Ricardo was personalisation and its relation to privacy. Rather than personalising based on user data we should personalise around user tasks. More details in the interview!

Ricardo Baeza-Yates is VP of Research for Europe and Latin America, leading the Yahoo! Research labs at Barcelona, Spain and Santiago, Chile, and also supervising the lab in Haifa, Israel. Until 2005 he was the director of the Center for Web Research at the Department of Computer Science of the Engineering School  of the University of Chile; and ICREA Professor and founder of the Web Research Group at the Dept. of Information and Communication Technologies of Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain [1].


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