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Data Usage Working Group

We live in a world of data: transactions, feedback, and real time interaction with customers, partners, suppliers, and employees. The explosion of mobile and social media applications has also motivated the growth of user-generated content (e.g. blogs, reviews, messages, emails, pictures). 

Social graphs such as product recommendations based on circles of friends, jobs you may like (linkedIn), products you have looked at, people who are your contacts, etc also create “second order” data that can be mined for sentiment analytics on products or companies or fact discovery.
Another new variable is computer generated data, as well as the emerging paradigm of the so called Internet-of-Things. Nevertheless, as important as addressing those technical challenges will be the ability of organizations to define data usage in a way that enhances competitiveness, either through reduction of costs, increased added value or any other parameter that can be measured against existing performance criteria.
In recent years research challenges associated to Large-Scale Data Management and Usage have been tackled to some extent by different European projects. BIG commits to identify and interact with the best European projects on BIG Data technologies. 


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