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Forum: Finance & Insurance Sectors

There are numbers of ways for financial service companies to achieve business advantages by mining and analyzing data. These include improvement of retail customer service, detection of fraud or operational efficiencies. They can use big data to identify exposure in real-time across a range of sophisticated financial instruments like derivatives. An application not exclusive to financial sector is trend watching: they can find trends before competitors to identity trading advantages. Big data also allows financial institutions to build better real-time models of commodity trading or to enable a more adaptive/agile business stance. Predictive analysis of both internal and external data results in better, proactive management of a wide range of issues from credit and operational risk (e.g. fraud and reputational risk) to customer loyalty and profitability. Besides risk as a driver, legacy integration or importance/impact of regulations, the financial sector has some other specific challenges such as transferring of data between various applications and systems or generating sector specific insights in real-world business contexts. BIG should make a revision of these challenges in order to involve financial sector stakeholder into research roadmapping for intelligent information management.


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