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In the last decades, enormous technological changes have been shaping the Telco and Media industries. Telecom networks have evolved, new networks have replaced or complemented old networks and new services have emerged. Smartphones have reinvented the very concept of the telephone; telephony is now a commodity that comes as part of a device, alongside internet connections, software applications as apps and integrated services.

Big Data enables telecom operators to explore, interpret and then benefit from the wealth of data that is generated between customers and their networks and systems. Other players such as IT providers will guide the process of adoption of this new technology and will provide the tools to bring operators and customers closer in domains such as, e.g., customer care, commercial offering or network monitoring. Media too has been transfigured by the velocity of technological changes. User-generated content (UGC), digitalization and piracy have all increased the volume and availability of content while putting pressure on its perceived value. In short, the media must do more with less. Intelligent management and creation of media content will be essential as the volumes of media content will inevitably increase and the sources of this content become more disparate.

Big Data is an opportunity Media industry to understand the issues concerning the vast amounts of content it creates. These issues include scalability, discovery, management, creation, distribution and association and linking of multimedia content. It also enables the opportunity to test the long-term feasibility of cutting-edge approaches such as semantic technologies.

The BIG project is analyzing the requirements and identifying the technology gap with the aim of establishing a roadmap for the use of Big Data in the Telco and Media industries.


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