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Big Data Public Private Forum (BIG) works towards the definition and implementation of a clear strategy that tackles the necessary efforts in terms of research and innovation, but it also aims at providing a major boost for technology adoption and supporting actions from the European Commission in the successful implementation of the Big Data economy. As part of this strategy, outcomes of this project will be used as input for Horizon 2020 and will be sustained beyond the project duration. Foundational research technologies are analysed and assessed in BIG and technology and strategy roadmaps created, so that the business and operational communities understand the potential of these technologies and are enabled to implement appropriate strategies and technologies for commercial benefit. To maximize the success of this initiative BIG has selected a balanced set of partners representing Academia and specially Industry.

Hence, the BIG mission can be summarized as follows:

▶ Build a self-sustainable Industrial community around Big Data in Europe:
Technical level establishing the proper channel to gather information

Industrial-led initiative to influence adequately the decision takers

▶ Promote adoption of earlier waves of big data technology

▶Tackle adequately existing barriers as policy and regulation issues

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