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BIG Final Event

About: In this workshop we presented the results of the BIG project  including analysis of foundational Big Data research technologies, technology and strategy roadmaps to enable business to understand the  potential of Big Data technologies across different sectors, and the  necessary collaboration and dissemination infrastructure to link  technology suppliers, integrators and leading user organizations.

The BIG Final Event included the consolidation workshop organized by  the BIG project as well as the talk by BIG key experts on the 2nd day of the ISC Big Data Conference

Date: Workshop - September 30, 2014; Talk - October 2, 2014

Venue: Heidelberg, Germany, co-located with ISC Big Data 2014


Download the program as PDF


Final Report from the BIG EU Project Conference Talk

Presenters: Edward Curry & Nuria De-Lama Sanchez

The talk was given on October 2, 2014 between 04:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Agenda for the talk could be found at ISC Big data event

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