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eHealth Interview with Marco Viceconti

Sonja Zillner (Siemens) and John Domingue (STI) conducted an Interview with Marco Viceconti- a ‘Sector Visionary’ within the eHealth sector. Marco’s main work over the last few years has been leading the VPH Institute (Virtual Physiological Human) which has been the large initiative within the eHealth unit as well. The overall goal of this work has been on combining data and computational models from across Europe to instantiate a complete in silico model of the human biological system from the whole body level down to the cell level.

During the interview, the most interesting concepts were:  

  • a k-anonymity membrane - where on one side we have specific patient data which must be controlled and on the other anonymised versions which can be used for research. Sometimes one needs to pass data back to a specific patient because of analysis carried out in research. Having a two way membrane would be useful.
  • a eHealth data value chain - at the moment health data which is passed around is 100% observational (e.g. blood pressure or heart rate) being able to smoothly combine this with data resulting from computational models would be of great benefit.

You can watch the whole interview via the standard interface, as a small version or  with a large video window with the ability to jump to specific segments. 

The interview is also available as an audio-only mp3 file

For further information about our project or information about big data and the Health sector, please visit our website.

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