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Big Data Analysis Interview with Hjalmar Gislason

Hjalmar Gislason is the founder and CEO of DataMarket.com. In this Interview Hjalmar Gislason covers the area of Data Visualization and Data Modelling via semantics. He believes the simplicity of use to be crucial to success and that lot of technologies like the Semantic Web Stack are over engineered. According to him there is a high demand for "democratization of semantic technologies" - making everything accessible through a web browser and dealing with legacy versions of IE.

The Flashmeeting is now online at: http://fm.ea-tel.eu/fm/fmm.php?pwd=467502-32874 and the MP3 Audio file is available at: http://fm.ea-tel.eu/flashmedia/flashmeeting/fm32874_467502-32874/mp3/aud...

DataMarket helps business users find and understand data, and data providers to efficiently publish their data and reach new audiences. DataMarket.com provides access to thousands of data sets holding hundreds of millions of facts and figures from a wide range of public and private data providers including the United Nations, the World Bank, Eurostat and the Economist Intelligence Unit. The data portal allows this data to be searched, visualized, compared and downloaded in a single place in a standard, unified manner. 

Big Data Analysis Interview with Andraz Tori, Founder and CTO of Zemanta

Andraz Tori

In this interview Andraz mainly covers Hadoop framework, explains why it was successful and provides interesting remarks on why the US seems to do better than Europe in Big Data technologies at the moment.

The Flashmeeting is available from here: http://fm.ea-tel.eu/fm/fmm.php?pwd=8d9a4d-32917 (note: there is a difference between the volumes in the voices, however this can be adjusted simply by clicking on our names in the bottom panel)

Or check the MP3 Audio file from:  http://fm.ea-tel.eu/flashmedia/flashmeeting/fm32917_8d9a4d-32917/mp3/audio.mp3

Andraz Tori is a CTO and co-founder of Zemanta, a 5-years old company dealing with semantic analysis of text for the purpose of having a personal writing assistant and general purpose recommendations. In terms of Big Data Andraz characterizes Zemanta as a “small data” inside Big Data. The company operates in terabytes of compressed data, running CPU intensive operations. 


Big Data Analysis Interview with Jim Webber

Big Data Analysis Interview with Jim Webber, Chief Scientist at Neo Technology, now online at: http://fm.ea-tel.eu/fm/fmm.php?pwd=aa8bc2-32916

Neo Technology brings the power of graph databases to a wide variety of clients. Neo4J, the world’s leading graph database, has the largest ecosystem of partners and developers and tens of thousands of successful deployments. From websites adding social capabilities to Telco’s providing personalized customer services to innovative bioinformatics research, organizations adopt graph databases to quickly model and query connected data.


Interview with Francois Bancilhon, CEO of Data Publica

The interview with the CEO of Data Publica, Francois Bancilhon, now online at: http://fm.ea-tel.eu/fm/fmm.php?pwd=d1babe-32915

Data Publica is a young French startup, which includes a group of data developers responsible for producing data sets (custom datasets based on the customer specifications and off-the-shelf datasets based on market demands). Producing data implies the identification of the sources of data; extracting the data; turning the raw data into the structured data; and, finally, delivering it to the customer.

Big Data Analysis Interview with Alek Kolcz

Big Data Analysis Interview with Alek Kolcz, Data Scientist at Twitter, is out now: http://oufm.open.ac.uk/fm/fmm.php?pwd=997012-4063

Alek Kolcz is a data scientist at Twitter, where he is working in User Personalization and Recommender Systems group, particularly, on the user modeling side. His relationship to the Big Data involves Big Data analysis on Twitter that is a large real time  social networking service with extremely high rate of updates and high information flows per day. 

Big Data Analysis Interview with Richard Benjamins

Big data analysis interview with Richard Benjamins is up at OUFM!

Richard Benjamins is the Director of Business Intelligence at Telefónica Digital and a coordinator of multiple global projects in the Big Data analytics area.

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