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Big Data Analysis Interview with Usman Haque, Pachube Founder and Director Urban Projects Division COSM

Usman Haque

Check out our big data analysis interview with Usman Haque, Pachube Founder and Director Urban Projects Division COSM:

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Usman mostly covered a community oriented view to Big Data Acquisition which he says is very important if citizens and communities are to fully engage with important issues in the world. Key here is the fact that the community can overcome any deficiencies (errors or heterogeneities) by creating their own specific tools.

Usman Haque has worked a lot with interactive environments over the years, founded a web platform for building internet-connected devices, buildings and environments for storing, sharing and discovering of real time sensor, energy and environmental data, known as Pachube, acquired by LogMeln in 2011. Later on, Usman took part in launching COSM.com platform where he was heading up urban projects that dealt with data, sensors and internet of things.

Big Data Analysis Interview with Alon Halevy Research Scientist at Google

Alon Halevy

Big Data Analysis Interview with Alon Halevy Research Scientist at Google is now online:

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In the interview Alon drew upon his work on Google Fusion Tables which allows users to upload and store their datasets. A collection of technologies which are not necessarily new but are now beginning to work at scale are having an impact. These include: reconciling entities (saying X and Y are the same thing), resolving schema and ontology differences, extracting high quality data from the web, large ontology based datasets (typically built from wikipedia), crowd sourcing computation. 

Alon Halevy leads the Structured Data research team at Google Research. Prior to that, Alon was a professor of Computer Science at the University of Washington, where he started  UW CSE Database Group in 1998, and worked in the field of data integration and web data.

Big Data Analysis Interview with Jim Webber

Big Data Analysis Interview with Jim Webber, Chief Scientist at Neo Technology, now online at: http://fm.ea-tel.eu/fm/fmm.php?pwd=aa8bc2-32916

Neo Technology brings the power of graph databases to a wide variety of clients. Neo4J, the world’s leading graph database, has the largest ecosystem of partners and developers and tens of thousands of successful deployments. From websites adding social capabilities to Telco’s providing personalized customer services to innovative bioinformatics research, organizations adopt graph databases to quickly model and query connected data.


Interview with Francois Bancilhon, CEO of Data Publica

The interview with the CEO of Data Publica, Francois Bancilhon, now online at: http://fm.ea-tel.eu/fm/fmm.php?pwd=d1babe-32915

Data Publica is a young French startup, which includes a group of data developers responsible for producing data sets (custom datasets based on the customer specifications and off-the-shelf datasets based on market demands). Producing data implies the identification of the sources of data; extracting the data; turning the raw data into the structured data; and, finally, delivering it to the customer.

Big Data Analysis Interview with Alek Kolcz

Big Data Analysis Interview with Alek Kolcz, Data Scientist at Twitter, is out now: http://oufm.open.ac.uk/fm/fmm.php?pwd=997012-4063

Alek Kolcz is a data scientist at Twitter, where he is working in User Personalization and Recommender Systems group, particularly, on the user modeling side. His relationship to the Big Data involves Big Data analysis on Twitter that is a large real time  social networking service with extremely high rate of updates and high information flows per day. 

Big Data Analysis Interview with Richard Benjamins

Big data analysis interview with Richard Benjamins is up at OUFM!

Richard Benjamins is the Director of Business Intelligence at Telefónica Digital and a coordinator of multiple global projects in the Big Data analytics area.

Big Data Analysis Interview (with Frank van Harmelen)

Check Big Data Analysis interview with Frank van Harmelen!

The talk covers two large areas: a number of technologies which need to be deployed before large scale reasoning and then large scale reasoning itself.

Frank van Harmelen is a Dutch Computer Scientist and Professor in Knowledge Representation & Reasoning in the AI department at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

2nd Data Analysis Interview (with Sören Auer)

Second data analysis interview with Sören Auer out now!

Sören Auer in one of leading experts in Semantic Web technologies, particularly, in Linked Data area. Sören is a coordinator of EU-FP7-ICT LOD2 - Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked Data project, which aims to support a lifecycle of Linked Data on the Web ranging from extraction of information, authoring, quality analysis, visualization, user interfaces for exploration of Linked Data etc. Sören is a member of Leipzig research group dealing with such a well known project as DBPedia.


First Data Analysis Interview (with Jim Hendler)

Check out our first data analysis interview with Jim Hendler at OUFM!

James Alexander Hendler is an artificial intelligence researcher at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA, and one of the originators of the Semantic Web.



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