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Big Data Analysis Interview with Jeni Tennison, Technical Director of the Open Data Institute

Jeni Tennison

Big data analysis interview with Jeni Tennison, Technical Director of the Open Data Institute, interviewed by John Domingue is out:



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Jeni discussed how open data can be found and combined to serve decision making. A key technology of interest, pointed out by Jeni, was discovery of datasets that are distributed in the internet and tools that allow achieving this in  an automated way.

Within the wider UK public sector, Jeni Tennison worked on the early linked data work on data.gov.uk, helping to engineer new standards for the publication of statistics as linked data; building APIs for geographic, transport and education data; and supporting the publication of public sector organograms as open data. She continues her work within the UK's public sector as a member of both the UK Government Linked Data Group and the Open Data User Group [1].

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