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What Happens When Big Data Meets Official Statistics?


With the advent of the open data and big data communities, we’ve seen huge increases in the use of public data, and more importantly, potential opportunities to use new data sources and techniques - that are often faster and cheaper - to supplement, or even replace, some of the work of official statistics.
The questions that automatically arises is, whether or not we can apply the same statistical rigour to big data sources and techniques to help meet the goals of official statistics?
Two of the world's leading authorities on official statistics tackled key questions regarding BigData and Statistics in a webcasted discussion session, moderated by Shaida Badiee, Director of the World Bank Data Group. 
The following questions have been in the center of debate:
  • Can big data replace traditional official data sources?
  • Does big data make classical statistical methods obsolete?
  • How will social science research change with big data?
  • What’s the future of official statistics in a big data world?
More interesting topics relating to open date, the world bank etc. are available at: http://blogs.worldbank.org/opendata/  and  http://data.worldbank.org/

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