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Workshop "Building Europe's Roadmap for Big Data in the Public Sector"

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BIG is organizing the second workshop on  “Building Europe’s roadmap for Big Data in the Public Sector” which will take  place  3rd July in Bratislava.
Big Data technologies are going to become increasingly relevant for Public Sector, and therefore collaboration of sector’s high  representatives to define this strategy is considered very important. By explaining their requirements and needs they can help the European ICT industry develop appropriate solutions, which can eventually benefit not only the public sector but European industry in general and citizens in particular. 
The contributions collected in the course of this workshop will be included in the resulting BIG project roadmap.
This event is one of the actions organised by the BIG European project whose mission is to assist the European Commission in the definition of its strategy for a European  data economy.
Due to room limitations, please confirm us your attendance to [email protected]



First of three Workshops on Building Europe's Roadmap for Big Data in the Public Sector in Madrid, Spain

BIG members organized a first successful workshop on "Building Europe'S roadmap for Big Data in the Public Sector" in Madrid, Spain on April 16th, 2013.

It is a vital part of the work in the Public Sector-group of big-project.eu to run workshops and interview public administrative experts in three European countries (Spain, UK and Slovakia) in order to generate different approaches and models around Big Data and Public Administration. These countries represent three different models and, in a nutshell, represent the whole European Public Administration.

This first workshop was held in Madrid and aimed at  Public Administration policy makers and senior IT – experts to explain BIG-project’s objectives. Stefano Bertolo, Project officer of BIG at the European Commission, introduced the main objectives of the BIG roadmap. Other BIG-project members gave an overview of the project and the state-of-the-art in Big Data Uses and Technologies in the public administration and Tomas Pariente Lobo presented Technological Trends in Big Data and Public Administration.

Further workshops will be run in the United Kingdom and Slovakia in the future. 


Web conference “Smart Government: Drivers and Challenges in Using Analytics and Big Data”

For everyone with a special interest in Big Data strategies in the Public Domain: IDC Government Insights is organizing a free one-hour web conference on "Smart Government: Drivers and Challenges in Using Analytics and Big Data" with focus on the U.S. Government sector.

The web conference will take place on April, 23rd – 12:00-1:00 p.m. (U.S. Eastern time). IDC Government Insights Research Director for Smart Government Strategies, Adelaide O´Brien, will chair the event.

The U.S. government is positioned to build on current business intelligence/analytics solutions and expand use to Big Data by demonstrating that they can better serve mission-making decisions and take action based on timely, relevant, complete, and accurate information. This webcast focuses on the drivers, challenges, adoption, and government future plans for business intelligence/analytics and Big Data. This webcast is specifically geared toward the offices of chief information officer (CIO) and line-of-business directors in the government sector. Participants will be able to make comparisons with peers in the industry on trends, challenges, and benefits received from deploying these solutions. 

More information on the conference and the registration are available here.

Report on Fraunhofer FOKUS Workshop "Big Data in the Public Sector"

Last week Martin Strohbach (AGT International) attended a workshop on "Big Data in the Public Sector", organized by Fraunhofer FOKUS. The report includes a brief summary of each talk, illustrates the highlists and lists up use cases. Find Martin´s report here.

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