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Transfer Meeting on "Big Data and Data Integration" organized in Leipzig

Prof. Klaus-Peter Fähnrich, head of the chair of Business Information Systems at the University of Leipzig and managing director of InfAI e.V promoted BIG-project at the Transfer Meeting on “Big Data and Data Integration" on the 4th of July in Leipzig. 

On the basis of a short presentation about our BIG project, Prof. Fähnrich shed light on the effort that has been made under his supervision towards big data in Germany and Europe.

He focused particularly on economy sectors, such as logistics and transport, Information Technology and the energy-and environment sector, which highly benefit from the work done in the area of big data. Additionally, he demonstrated fields of application that are worked on at the department of Computer Science at the University of Leipzig.

Further big data related topics discussed during the event were big data research areas, the transfer of semantic technologies and the cooperation with economy.

The transfer meeting was especially designed as a regional exchange platform directed at local and regional enterprises.

All presentations held at the event are available in German at: www.uni-leipzig.de/transfermeeting


Big Data Analysis Interview (with Frank van Harmelen)

Check Big Data Analysis interview with Frank van Harmelen!

The talk covers two large areas: a number of technologies which need to be deployed before large scale reasoning and then large scale reasoning itself.

Frank van Harmelen is a Dutch Computer Scientist and Professor in Knowledge Representation & Reasoning in the AI department at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

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